Jobseekers Calling Recruitment Consultants

In this article we are sharing day to day experience of HR Consultants from jobseekers. All consultants display their contact details on their websites. Most sites have separate contact details for employers / companies and jobseekers. Despite providing this specific info, jobseekers contact on the Employers section. Jobseekers don’t understand that every department has its specific function, and their calls to employers section has become a mere irritation.

See the Actual Excerpts of Conversation between Jobseeker and companies department in a
Recruitment Consultant:

J: Hello, sir I’m BE Mech.
I need job in IT.

C: where did get this no.

J: on internet

C: ok, email resume, we will get back to you.

J: Sir, when will you all, which companies do you have, which are current openings

C: hangs up!!

This is not exaggeration, but most conversations end up like this. Imagine if every
Recruitment consultant gets call from every jobseeker, when do we function. Secondly, candidates need to understand, every
Recruitment consultant does not specialise in all types of jobs, so before calling you need to check the openings posted on their website.

Many jobseekers call up at odd times, we have personally faced this with calls on Sunday afternoons, late evenings, public holidays etc. This is really uncalled for.



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