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Skipping the Consultant

This is a serious issue with many candidates and companies. Once they get a call from the consultant, (in most cases its a free service to them) the candidate directly contacts the employer. In many more cases after the interview / once selected or joining, neither the company nor the jobseeker informs the recruitment consultant. On questioning the candidate we get a reply: “I thought company will inform you” and on asking the Employer we get a reply: “I thought candidate will inform you”. This is standard answer. In both cases sounds very unprofessional.

Why Candidates should not skip consultants?
Candidates should inform the recruitment company at every juncture of information from company viz: shortlisted, selected, offered and joined. In case of future untoward scenario the same consultant can help you. Most candidates call after the company fires them. Moreover, its always good to be in the good books of HR consultants, you never know for which Good Opportunity they may refer you.

Why Companies should not skip consultant?
Joining of a candidate is not the end of hiring process. By not informing the consultant, you can at the most save 1 time fees, but what if the candidate leaves within notice period, or leaves your company without informing. There are many more such scenarios. We would rather say, that the cost of paying one month fees is much lesser than skipping and breaking the hiring process.

Jobseekers Calling Recruitment Consultants

In this article we are sharing day to day experience of HR Consultants from jobseekers. All consultants display their contact details on their websites. Most sites have separate contact details for employers / companies and jobseekers. Despite providing this specific info, jobseekers contact on the Employers section. Jobseekers don’t understand that every department has its specific function, and their calls to employers section has become a mere irritation.

See the Actual Excerpts of Conversation between Jobseeker and companies department in a
Recruitment Consultant:

J: Hello, sir I’m BE Mech.
I need job in IT.

C: where did get this no.

J: on internet

C: ok, email resume, we will get back to you.

J: Sir, when will you all, which companies do you have, which are current openings

C: hangs up!!

This is not exaggeration, but most conversations end up like this. Imagine if every
Recruitment consultant gets call from every jobseeker, when do we function. Read the rest of this entry »